Standard Hollow Fiber Patch Cables
Standard Fiber Patch Cables

Single-mode and multi-mode standard patch cables for Mid-IR beams.

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Custom Hollow Fiber Patch Cables
Custom Fiber Patch Cables

Hollow core fiber cables are fully customizable including length, coating, termination, and bundles.

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Gas Cell for hollow core fiber
Gas Cells

Robust, compact gas cells utilizing hollow core fibers that are incredibly simple to align.

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Optical Assemblies for Mid-IR hollow core fiber
Optical Assemblies

Standard and custom optical assemblies with a range of focal length, lens coating and adapters.

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Hollow Fiber Technology

Mid-IR Fiber Optics

Single-mode and multi-mode hollow fiber patch cables for the entire Mid-IR wavelength range.

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Visible / NIR

Hollow fibers with a reflective silver coating for high power / energy beams

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UV/Aluminum hollow core fibers

Hollow fibers with an aluminum coating for wavelengths as low as 100 nm

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About Us

OptoKnowledge hollow fibers is now Guiding Photonics.

Guiding Photonics provides hollow fiber optic waveguides and associated optical assemblies for the mid-infrared (Mid-IR) wavelength range (λ = 2 – 16 µm), including optimal fiber solutions for quantum cascade lasers (QCL), interband cascade lasers (ICL), carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, and broadband thermal sources (e.g., FTIR). Standard off-the-shelf products are available for on-line purchasing. In addition, forms are provided for designing your own custom fiber patch cables and optical coupling assemblies. In addition we offer hollow fiber solutions for high power visible, near-infrared, and ultraviolet sources.

Guiding Photonics

Guiding Photonics